LA PUBLIC SCULPTURE TOUR is a collaborative project between photographer Kathryn Vetter Miller and artist Sylvie Lake.  Using guerilla tactics, together they are cataloguing their favorite pieces of public sculpture in Los Angeles.  Their aim is to shed light on art which is freely accessible and share stories about the difficulties documenting public sculptures that exist within corporate-controlled spaces.  Often questions were raised on what is and isn't public domain in terms of art, architecture and images.  Miller uses all angles to capture Lake climbing on, posing with, or attempting to mimic the form of each sculpture.  Lake uses her body as a component to defining space within efforts to transcend-with a delicate dance-her corporeality.



These images are a small representation of what will be published in our larger book.  We have a photo book which doubles as a field guide with a walking map of a selection of sculptures in Downtown Los Angeles now available thanks to ESP. You can purchase our Downtown book online or in stores including the MOCA store, Arcana books, Hauser Wirth & Schimmel ArtBook store, the Center for Land Use Interpretation, and Stories Books & Cafe.  For inquiries please email

All images are shot by Kathryn Vetter Miller and are subject to copyright. You can see her personal projects at

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