Thank you Sunday and Refinery29 !

Thanks to an interview with Adi Radjovic, the radical young curator of the HOT IN HERE show at SUNDAY gallery, we were featured in REFINERY 29

(all following writing credit to Erin Fitzpatrick)

The story of how 24-year-old Adi Rajkovic came to curate her newest exhibit may sound all too familiar. "It started when I went down this Instagram hole finding tons of art on the Explore page," she told us. (Yep, been there.) "I realized there was an online community of artists showing off work on the Internet, but I wanted to see it in galleries. So I got in contact with them, and coincidentally, all of the artists I was interested in happened to be women."

And just like that, the wheels were in motion for her current exhibit, entitled "Hot In Here." She rounded up more than 40 female artists for the show, which is on view this week at Sunday, the gallery and live/work space in L.A. she co-founded. A graduate of CalArts, Rajkovic enlisted both her friends and artists she found online for the project. "I first started my gallery so I could give opportunities to my friends and other emerging artists and young people," she said. 

Last week, the gallery had an opening party that generated tons of buzz for the exhibit. All went off without a hitch — except for the fact that the building had no AC. "Everyone thought it was funny, [because the exhibit] is called 'Hot In Here.' I was making jokes, like BYOF — bring your own fan." 

Jokes aside, the show is chock-full of inspiring images you gotta see to believe. Click through to peek our favorite ones, and head over to the gallery this week to catch the rest. 

When: Now through Thursday, August 6, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily
Where: 4308 Burns Avenue (at North Virgil Avenue); no phone.

'Becoming Sculpture' featured in WOPOZI's PEACH ISSUE

We are delighted at being asked to include some of our first published images of LA PUBLIC SCULPTURE TOUR in WOPOZINE!

The pair of images curated into the PEACH issue are titled 'Becoming Sculpture I & II',  showing artist Sylvie Lake attempting to mimic the forms of the sculpture and use the public sculptures as props to a dance. Photographer Kathryn Miller donned her reflective gear and night vision goggles to capture their midnight adventures in Downtown Los Angeles.

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